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Can MERRILL intelligent AI trading system lead the encryption market in 2023?


For the encryption market, after vigorous development in the past few years, it ushered in the cold winter of the encryption digital market in 2022. In the past year, digital currency holders paid more attention to some digital currency with market depth and some emerging AI trading platforms for encrypted options, especially after FTX bankruptcy impacted the global encryption market. Among them, the success of MERRILL SYSTEM has aroused the interest and attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world.

MERRILL SYSTEM (ML), as the world's top intelligent A I quantification system, aims to provide intelligent decision-making for system transactions in the global digital cash, options and futures markets, and find the best investment portfolio in the cryptographic market in 2023 through professional data analysis and quantification strategies, technical means and trend business models. Its distributed book technology can constantly explore the unknown, pursue stronger and more perfect arbitrage to generate profits in an innovative and profitable way, through the strategy of timely stop-loss setting. MERRILL SYSTEM intelligent AI quantification system and its ecological partners aim to solve the trust problem of digital financial activities and provide revolutionary distributed digital financial services for global users.


In the past, there were many problems and market pain points in the traditional trading system. For example, the model design does not match the position and allocation, the risk of data protection increases, and the monopoly and single investment environment lead to the uneven global quantitative assets. At present, the advantages of ML trading system are as follows:

I. Advantages of Technology and Products

1. Mature performance. ML trading system has a mature system architecture, the top BGP multi-line integration computer room in Europe and America, the most superior CDN acceleration node in the world, and the configuration of thin matching trading engine, ultra-high performance and super capacity; Its function is flexible and expandable.

2. Encryption security. With the advantages of the first-class traditional financial transaction system and the head data exchange platform, ML transaction system encrypted the data of bank level users and ensure multiple security. It also deployed the multi-dimensional real-time risk control, separating cold and hot wallet, off-line storage of private key, and multiple identity verification.

3. Rich products. ML trading system focuses on the development strategy of "spot + mine pool + contract", and strives to build a "financial supermarket" in the digital asset industry. By building a payment system and enriching wealth management products, ML gradually builds a complete ecology, providing users with comprehensive services such as digital asset storage, transaction, wealth management, OTC services, platform-level custody, fixed income and structured solutions.

II. Advantages of ML Trading System:

1. A simulated trading system for users, including 2 minutes of simulated trading and 1 hour of simulated trading;

2. According to the trading strategy set by MC quantitative trading team, ML can automatically identify trading signals and trade 24 hours a day, and arbitrage generates profits through the strategy set by timely stop loss.


III. Advantages of ML Top Core Team and Ecological Partners:

1. The founding team has rich experience in numerical control and information processing and comes from top institutions.

As a leading digital asset trading platform in the world, ML Trading System has a strong talent reserve. Its founding team is composed of financial technology professionals from London and Singapore. More than half of its members have Wall Street background and 70% have master's degree or above, leading the development of trading system with a global attitude. Among them, Samuel, co-founder of ML Trading, is a Ph.D. from Imperial College of Technology. His research focuses on the incentive mechanism of game theory in blockchain protocol and the formal verification of intelligent contract, which has high international influence. ML Senior Backend Engineer ML System Administrator Sebastian is a Ph.D. from Oxford University and a former marketing specialist in the marketing department of e-Residence Project. He has rich management experience and digital data security capabilities. Isaiah, ML Public Service Commissioner, is a researcher at Edinburgh University. He has many years of experience in web development and has worked for a world-renowned company in web software development.

2. Project investment institutions and ecological institutions radiate the whole commercial system and have strong support.

MERRILL has a diversified investment portfolio.. MERTILL focuses on variety, globalization and diversification. It pays attention to diversification of investment and constructs a portfolio investment target, covering stocks, debt, currency, futures, forward, options and other categories.

MERRILL has strong technical strength. Under the investment and leadership of MERRILL Foundation, ML trading system has been developed by technical team and optimized by long-term testing. In addition, for the brand-new quantitative robot system introduced by digital cash contract transaction, it perfectly interprets the gorgeous change from artificial to intelligent extension. Its technical strength and development prospects should not be underestimated.

Other participating investment institutions of MERRILL: AppWorks, Multichain, Evernew Capital, ROK Capital, QCP Capital, etc.; MERRILL global ecological member partners: Wallet, DEX, DAO, NFT, Tool, GameFi, Bridge, OHM Forks, Launchpad and other global top encryption commercial complexes integrate global ecological member partners of different sectors. At present, MERRILL has established friendly relations with many high-quality communities around the world, which will continue to help the rapid increase of exchange users.

MERRILL will follow the upsurge of global digital currency, adjust its short-term investment objectives, focus its investment on the application of high-tech and digital blockchain, and realize positive returns on investment assets under the same macro market environment. In the future, ML trading system will also devote itself to further accelerating the construction of various business segments. By building an all-round ecological environment for digital asset investment services, it will actively incubate excellent blockchain asset projects, promote the landing of excellent digital asset projects, and help the healthy development of digital currency's industry.

Can MERRILL intelligent AI trading system lead the encryption market in 2023? Time will test and give the answer we want.

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