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Fairly DAO's innovative technical architecture is the only way to open up the Web3.0 era


The technology of the Internet is changing with each passing day, and the Internet continues to deepen the lives of many people. Web3.0 will completely change the way of Internet for many people's lives. Web3.0 makes all online citizens no longer subject to the limitations of existing resource accumulation , and has more equal opportunities to obtain wealth and reputation. Therefore, since the concept of Web3.0 was proposed, it has attracted the attention of many people. As the next generation Internet system , Web3.0 has decentralized operation, unified identity authentication system, data confirmation and authorization, and service The six characteristics of interruption, privacy protection and anti-censorship, and low barriers to entry will have a profound impact on the development and impact of the future Internet.


Web3.0, known as the next Internet era, will break the boundary between the virtual world and the real world and reconstruct the Internet ecology. However, Web 3.0 has not yet been accepted by the public , because the Web 3.0 era is still in its infancy to a large extent , and the current WEB 3.0 in its early stages of development has problems such as slow transaction processing, asset and identity security issues, and supervision. Missing and other problems still discourage many users.

Fairly DAO, a fair organization, was initiated by AGE OF DAO FOUNDATION, jointly created by Filecoin and the current famous public chain technology operation talents to solve the slow transaction processing, asset security issues, and the inadequacy of cryptocurrencies faced by the current Web3.0. Stability and lack of financial supervision and other issues, combined with Filecion's decentralized network storage protocol, using the latest technology Zero Knowledge Proof (Zero Knowledge Proof) to create Web3.0 infrastructure, its many advantages, lay a solid foundation for the arrival of Web3.0 solid foundation.


Advantage 1: Completely decentralized storage network space

Fairly DAO is a platform based on the Filecoin DSN architecture. Filecoin DSN is an auditable and verifiable decentralized storage network built on an incentive mechanism. Therefore, Fairly DAO technology has created a completely decentralized storage network space. DSNs aggregate storage capabilities from many independent providers and provide customers with data reading services in a self-coordinating manner.

Advantage 2: The perfect combination of Filecoin native public chain + zero-knowledge proof

With the most carrying capacity of the bottom layer of Web3.0 - Filecoin native public chain, Filecoin is a decentralized storage network (DSN), a free trading market for cloud storage, and its protocol is realized through the Filecoin project. After POW and POS , Fairly DAO is still using the consensus mechanism of Zero Knowledge Proof (zero-knowledge proof), and has successfully practiced it. It has completely improved the competitive computing power format between service nodes under the original POW and POS mechanism and caused a large number of The status quo of wasting computing resources. The definition of Zero Knowledge Proof is: the prover (prover) can convince the verifier ( verifier ) that a certain assertion is correct without providing any useful information to the verifier ( verifier ). Therefore, this proof method can greatly protect the privacy of users, and through offline expansion and online compression, the speed of transaction processing is greatly improved, thereby solving a series of technical problems faced by Web3.0.

Advantage 3: The world's first decentralized DAO paradigm management mechanism

The decentralized DAO paradigm management mechanism pioneered by Fairly DAO relies on democratic governance. Participants vote together to make decisions. Smart contracts are used to automatically execute decisions after decisions. All users are supervisors, which can solve the problem of lack of supervision faced by Web3.0 .

Advantage 4: The first Web3.0 DAO ecosystem

Fairly DAO will be the world's first DAO paradigm Web3 platform, with DAO SocialFi, DAO DeFi; DAO GameFi; DAO NFT and DAO XFi (combined with traditional assets) as the skeleton to create the world's first Web3.0 DAO ecosystem .

Advantage 5: Create an original price protection economic model

of unstable digital asset prices faced in Web3.0, and escort user asset quotations.

With many advantages, Fairly DAO has been favored by many investors since it was proposed, and has been strongly supported by global TOP 10 institutions such as a16z, DCG, Grayscale, and Alameda Research. Fairly DAO, Filecoin's native bottom layer + zero-knowledge proof, the classic is only to carry Web3.0, let us wait and see.

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