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Fairytale Yunhe-Tide Leads the World 2023 The 7th China Fairy Yunhe Wooden Toy Festival International Sourcing Fair was a great success!




The 7th China fairy Yunhe wooden toy festival and China wooden toy city brand development conference opened on November 10 in Yunhe County. Hu Haifeng, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Chonghe, President of the China Light Industry Federation, Liang Mei, Part-time Vice President of China Light Industry Federation and President of China Toys and Baby Products Association, Li Zhongwen, President of the Zhejiang Branch of the People's Daily, Xu Youping, Deputy Head of the 11th Circuit Supervisory Group of the Provincial Party Committee on Theme Education, and city leaders Dai Banghe, Lu Cailiu, and Tang Jiayou had participated in the conference. Simultaneously, the experts and scholars from the state, province, the relevant fields of the city and the mountain and sea collaboration region, the foreign guests from Croatia, Chile, Austria and other countries, domestic and foreign toy network business, agents, distributors, traders, guest representatives from various industry associations had also attend the conference.


At the opening ceremony, it held a "wooden play industry development 50 years of outstanding contribution" award ceremony and set up a "Yunhe international fairy tale alliance" with project investment and other related signing ceremony. During the toy festival, the representatives of the China Toy Association, the world toy industry and all kinds of experts and scholars has been invited. We organized thematic seminars on the topic of the transformation and upgrading of the wood play industry, the industry's high-quality development, wood play and kindergarten education "integration of production and education" and other aspects, looking forward to the bright future of the wood play industry.


"Every time I come to Yunhe, I can see the vibrant new enterprises and a wide range of new products and witness the new atmosphere and new style of the development of Yunhe wood play industry." Liang Mei said, she believes with the hope that in the next stage, Yunhe should focus on digitally empower industrial transformation and upgrading, enhancing the competitiveness of production and manufacturing, leveraging advantageous resources to deepen product innovation, strengthening the bargaining power of market sales, reinforcing the brand cultivation and publicity, bidirectional empowerment of enterprise brand and production area brand, and constantly promoting the sustainable and high-quality development of the Yunhe Wooden Games.


On the 11th, over 30 countries and regions of more than 50 foreign buyers from Sri Lanka, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Chile, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Germany, the Republic of Niger, Panama, Poland, Mexico, Armenia, Bolivia, the United States, Panama, Ukraine, the Republic of El Salvador, Armenia, Ethiopia, Pakistan and so on, visited wooden play enterprise fine arts exhibition held in Yunhe wood play intellectual creative space. More than 70 Yunhe County toys representative enterprises and supplier carried out an in-depth negotiation.


Wooden toys are the traditional industry, advantageous industry, and pillar industry of Yunhe, which is one of the ten billion industry chains with the most local characteristics in 26 counties in mountainous areas. After nearly 50 years of development, Yunhe has become the largest and most varieties of wooden toys creation export base, with a total of more than 1,100 wooden toy enterprises. Yunhe wooden toy have been produced up to ten categories, thousands of series, tens of thousands of varieties, sells well in the world's 82 countries and regions. The total amount of production of similar products accounted for 66% of the country, the world's 40%. Yunhe has been crowned " China's hometown of wooden toys ", " Chinese wooden toy city " and other honors, creating a "small wood in the mountains, flying to the world" miracle.

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